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Brandi Powell, Host

Brandi Powell Headshot
Brandi Powell

Host Brandi Powell is a Weekend Anchor/Reporter at KSTP-TV 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS. She has a master’s in anthropology from George Washington University. Brandi is a proud member of National Association of Black Journalists and Twin Cities Black Journalists.

“I’m heartened by young storytellers who are using their emerging voices to amplify others’ voices, as we look to inform our communities and increase understanding about important topics of our time.” Connect with Brandi on LinkedIn.

Aaliyah Demry, Featured Guest

Aaliyah Demry Headshot
Aaliyah Demry

ThreeSixty alum Aaliyah Demry is CEO of The Fly Subject, a multimedia company giving all entertainers the platforms to express themselves and create videography, photography and journalism. Connect with Aaliyah on LinkedIn.

Chioma Uwagwu, Featured Guest

Chioma Uwagwu Headshot
Chioma Uwagwu

ThreeSixty alum Chioma Uwagwu is Associate Producer for the Racial Reckoning: Arc of Justice Project. A St. Thomas College of Arts and Sciences graduate, her writing has appeared in Smithsonian Magazine and Urban Creativity Scientific Journal. Chioma’s work revolves around analyzing mass media’s cultural implications. Connect with Chioma on LinkedIn.

Erianna Jiles, Featured Guest

Erianna Jiles Headshot
Erianna Jiles

ThreeSixty alum Erianna Jiles is a St. Paul native who has taken every opportunity she can to work in journalism, particularly radio. College climate is her beat, but being a young, curious, African-American woman is her life. Connect with Erianna on LinkedIn.

Caroline Hansen, Producer & Editor

Caroline Hansen Headshot
Caroline Hansen

Producer and Editor Caroline Hansen is a St. Thomas College of Arts and Sciences junior studying Journalism and Digital Media Arts in the Emerging Media Department. She’s worked as a producer for the virtual Teach-In Tuesday series at St. Thomas and is the acting station director of KUST Radio. Connect with Caroline on LinkedIn.


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