Youth Voice Challenge Fall 2021


High school students, submit audio, visual or written entries in response to a discussion topic inspired by youth! The 2022 topic is coming soon.

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Topic: As we return to school and the pandemic continues, more people are practicing activism and asking tough questions. We’re asking high-schoolers to reflect on what’s next and weigh in on issues important to them.

By the Oct. 16, 2021, deadline, submit a self-created (two minutes or less) audio or video file, a visual piece (photo essay, illustration, painting, etc.) or a 500-word-or-less written piece on one of the following #360YouthVoiceChallenge topic prompts, or regarding an issues that you’ve been thinking about:

  • Self-care: How has this last year changed how you engage with people?
  • Community-building: What does effective activism mean to you?
  • Reflection: Describe a meaningful moment you had in the last year. What did you learn?
  • Identity: What is your favorite way to express your authentic self?

Audio and video can be anything (two minutes or less) that tells a story — a news story with interviews, spoken word, an essay reading, stop-motion video, short film, audio/video letter to someone or your future self.  Visual pieces share your response to a prompt through photo essays, illustrations, paintings, etc. Examples of written pieces include an essay, poem, letter to someone or your future self. Be creative!

Please Read These Details: Audio and visual pieces must be two minutes or less, and include a  100-word-or-less description of your project. Written submissions should be 500 words or less. Entries must be uploaded through the form below.

How to Submit Your Entry:

  1. Name the file you’re going to submit to your first name.last name, so we know it’s your file.
  2. Click “Upload” below and follow the steps.
  3. Complete and submit the form below.

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Need some inspiration? Check out some good examples of personal writing from past #360YouthVoiceChallenge writers and other professional publications:


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