ThreeSixty Alumni (back, left to right) Deborah Honore, Jose Galvan, Simeon Lancaster, Julia Larson, Kayla Song, (front) Bayan Algazi and Victoria Turcios at St. Thomas in during 2018 journalism summer camps.


ThreeSixty is proud of our many alumni who have used their experiences in the program to enhance their success in high school, colllege and beyond. ThreeSixty AlumniConnect is an alumni-led digital and face-to-face group that supports ThreeSixty alumni in college and beyond, and facilitates and encourages direct alumni participation in ThreeSixty programming, events, and activities.

If you are a ThreeSixty alum please take a moment to submit your current information, so we can keep in touch and share your successes to help ensure that other high school students can benefit from ThreeSixty’s programming for years to come.