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Create a college essay, craft published news stories — share your voice!

ThreeSixty Journalism offers you the chance to learn how to use your voice and words to share your story. Whether you’re interested in ThreeSixty Journalism student talks to program volunteer.learning how to write the most compelling college essay possible, or dream of writing for a local newspaper, broadcast station, or breaking news site, ThreeSixty offers you the intensive college readiness programming to develop your writing skills. Programming is led and supported by media professionals who not so long ago were just like you — high school students. In addition to becoming a more polished writer, students who successfully complete a ThreeSixty summer camp are eligible to earn a four-year full-tuition scholarship to the University of St. Thomas!

Be sure to check out some distinguished ThreeSixty alumni who today are accomplishing awesome work in media and more!


ThreeSixty offers a variety of journalism summer camp options, as well as school-year programming. Students are encouraged to first ThreeSixty Journalism students tour KARE11 studio. complete a summer camp, then continue as a member of our Student News Team the following school year. All programming takes place on the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul campus, offering opportunities to experience life on a college campus and gain important insight into navigating the college admissions process.

Summer 2018 Journalism Summer Camps

For summer 2018, ThreeSixty offers a Rookie Journalist Camp, an Advanced News Reporter Academy, plus TV and radio broadcast camps. All lessons and activities are led and supported by local communication and media professionals. Please see the application to view camp dates and determine which camp is right for you, as well as to view the various sign-up options.

View, download or print our 2018 summer camp flier here.

Rookie Journalist Camp

This two-week summer camp features an Introduction to Journalism ThreeSixty Journalism visits 3M week and a one-week college/personal essay workshop, where students find their voices to create — start-to-finish — a polished, adaptable college essay for submission. Select student essays are published in ThreeSixty Magazine, which is distributed to more than 13,000 Minnesota teens.

Advanced News Reporter Academy

Write a reported print story! This intensive two-week summer program takes students through the reported-story process. At the end of the week, students will have completed a reported story, all of which are published in ThreeSixty Magazine, which is distributed to more than 13,000 Minnesota teens three times each year. Select stories will be published in the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press!

TV & Radio Broadcast Camps

ThreeSixty’s TV Broadcast Camp and Radio Broadcast Camp are advanced camps that are available to students by invitation only. As a  general rule, a student must complete Advanced News Reporter Academy to be considered for TV or radio camp.

How to Apply to Summer Camps

Remember, please see the application to view camp dates and determine which camp is right for you, as well as to view the various sign-up options! The deadline for applications is Monday, May 21, 2018. Space is limited, and it is a competitive application process. Camps take place at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul campus from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday on the dates listed on the application page. Lunch is provided each day.

Summer Camp Tuition

Camp scholarships are available! Students who are free/reduced lunch eligible are invited to request a scholarship in order to attend camp at no charge. (For the 2017 program year, ThreeSixty provided more than $185,000 in program scholarships.)

For students who are not free/reduced lunch eligible, the tuition fees are as follows:

  • Option 1 on application: One-Week Advanced News Reporter Academy – $500
  • Option 2: Two-Week Rookie Journalist Camp – $975
  • Option 3: Two-Week Rookie Journalist Camp plus One-Week Advanced News Reporter Academy – $1,250
  • Option 4: One-Week Rookie Journalist Camp plus One-Week Advanced News Reporter Academy – $975

All facilities, supplies, in-camp transportation, field trips, daily lunch and expert instructors are included in your tuition. There are no additional fees.

To request a scholarship, you’ll need documentation that demonstrates free/reduced lunch eligibility as well as a copy of your most recent report card. Acceptable documentation for free/reduced price lunches can be the form from your school indicating your eligibility for free/ reduced price lunches, this statement completed by a school official indicating he/she has informed knowledge that you would qualify for free/reduced price lunch, or a copy of your family’s 2016 tax forms to verify that the income meets the federal income requirements.

Remember, please see the application to view camp dates and determine which camp is right for you, as well as to view the various sign-up options!


Questions? Email ThreeSixty Engagement Manager Bao Vang or call her at 651-962-5225.

Student News TeamThreeSixty Journalism student asks question.

This school-year student braintrust is responsible for the creation and content of ThreeSixty Magazine. The News Team brainstorms magazine theme and story ideas, develops leadership skills and ultimately creates the stories and content for ThreeSixty Magazine. News Team opportunities for students include reporter, photo, and other art contributors.

Youth Digital Media Summit (Youth DMS)

The Youth DMS is a project by ThreeSixty students that empowers teens to use social media wisely, responsibly and effectively to accelerate their future success.

ThreeSixty Magazine

The flagship publication of ThreeSixty student journalists, ThreeSixty magazine is composed of student-produced reported stories, essays, photographs and artwork. More than 13,000 copies are distributed to Minnesota high schools, public libraries and youth organizations. Click here to see a past issue of ThreeSixty Magazine.

What’s Being Said About ThreeSixty . . .

“ThreeSixty is the highlight of my high school career so far. I’ve learned so much about paying attention to the world around me and proper communication, and I know I’ll be learning even more next year!” – Mina Yuan, ThreeSixty summer camp graduate and News Team journalist

“I love to watch young journalists learn about our craft. I’m proud to have the opportunity to share it.” – Jocelina Joiner, Manager, News and Content at LAKANA and a volunteer at ThreeSixty.

“I continued with ThreeSixty because I love writing, and they provide more than just writing skills, or ways to be a better writer, like career opportunities, school options and mentors that help you with whatever — even just a place where you can safely talk about what is going on around the world.” – Skyler Kuczaboski, ThreeSixty Journalism summer camp graduate and News Team journalist

“I really enjoyed working with such bright, motivated students. [ThreeSixty staff] did a great job of coordinating and keeping everyone on task, and at the end of both days, I felt like I had made an impact.”  – Erin Golden, reporter at Star Tribune and a volunteer at ThreeSixty.

“I’m eternally grateful for ThreeSixty and all the opportunities I have received because of it.” – Maya Shelton-Davies, ThreeSixty alumna and current University of St. Thomas student.

“I liked empowering these kids, and making them feel like they mattered.” – Whitney Oachs, University of St. Thomas student and a volunteer at ThreeSixty.

“I feel I have a lot of friends here. And I’ve become really used to coming here [to the University of St. Thomas campus], and it’s kind of like something for me to do. And it’s also because it makes me feel Iike I have a purpose … There are a lot of valuable skills (learned) here.” – Shay Radhakrishnan, ThreeSixty summer camp graduate and News Team journalist.

Jason DeRusha, ThreeSixty Journalism students and staff.