A student holds recording equipment at CHS Field during ThreeSixty's 2018 Radio Camp

Summer Programs

High school students: Apply for spring and summer programs today! Priority deadline is March 31. Scroll down for the summer 2021 application.  Can’t wait until summer? Learn more about school-year programming

High school students: Join us for multimedia learning and exploration at St. Thomas! ThreeSixty’s year-round programming offers the chance to discover and share your voice and story, enhance your critical thinking and develop your college readiness. Whether you dream of pursuing journalism, digital media arts or strategic communication, or you’re just exploring, ThreeSixty helps prepare you for success.

Programming is led by full-time ThreeSixty staff, program alumni and St. Thomas faculty and staff, and supported by media professionals and community partners.

Summer Journalism Camps

ThreeSixty’s College Essay Boot Camp and our News Reporter Academy offer two program entry points for new ThreeSixty students.

Students begin their ThreeSixty journey with a College Essay Boot Camp or News Reporter Academy. Once you complete News Reporter Academy, you’re eligible for ThreeSixty’s school-year program options, advanced summer camps and the ThreeSixty Scholarshipa full-tuition, four-year scholarship to study Emerging Media at St. Thomas.

2021 Summer Lineup

COVID-19 information: ThreeSixty plans to make a decision on whether summer camps will be in person, hybrid or virtual by mid-May. The decision will be made in accordance with Minnesota Department of Health guidelines and the University of St. Thomas.

Questions? Email us to learn more!

College Essay Boot Camp

College Essay Boot Camp is a one-week college/personal essay workshop, where students find their voices to create — start-to-finish — a polished, adaptable college essay for submission. Select student essays are published in the print and digital versions of ThreeSixty Magazine! This summer we are offering two virtual sessions of camp.

News Reporter Academy

Over one week, you’ll learn about the different opportunities in media and communication, engage in related activities, hear from experienced journalists and communicators, and write a reported story that will be published in ThreeSixty Magazine!

TV & Radio Broadcast Camps

TV Broadcast Camp gives students a lens into the life of a television reporter. In a week’s time, students produce a professional TV package ready for air with a team of professional mentors from a local station or media partner.  This advanced camp is produced in partnership with Center for Prevention at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota.

Radio Broadcast Camp takes students into the fast-paced world of a radio reporter. With the help of a reporting team, students create an audio story ready for the airwaves over the course of the week. This advanced camp is a partnership with MPR News and KRSM Radio.

Digital Audio Storytelling Camp

Due to COVID-19 and social distancing necessities, Digital Audio Storytelling Camp is taking summer 2021 off. We hope to have it back next year! This one-week Digital Audio Storytelling Camp gives students creative license to narrate, produce and share their college/personal essays through audio storytelling under the direction of a college professor.

Digital Media Arts Camp

Due to COVID-19 and social distancing necessities, Digital Media Arts Camp is taking summer 2021 off. We hope to have it back next year! Take your reporting and storytelling experiences to the next level! Photo essays, audio stories, illustrations, social media, interactive digital stories and more are some of the possibilities.


Email ThreeSixty Associate Director Theresa Malloy.

Will Lumpkins (left), manager of Northside Greenway Now, meets with ThreeSixty student Jessy Saybe to discuss the proposed bike and pedestrian path in North Minneapolis.

What’s Being Said About ThreeSixty . . .

“ThreeSixty is the highlight of my high school career so far. I’ve learned so much about paying attention to the world around me and proper communication, and I know I’ll be learning even more next year!” – Mina Yuan, ThreeSixty summer camp graduate and News Team journalist

“I love to watch young journalists learn about our craft. I’m proud to have the opportunity to share it.” – Jocelina Joiner, Manager, News and Content at LAKANA and a volunteer at ThreeSixty.

“I continued with ThreeSixty because I love writing, and they provide more than just writing skills, or ways to be a better writer, like career opportunities, school options and mentors that help you with whatever — even just a place where you can safely talk about what is going on around the world.” – Skyler Kuczaboski, ThreeSixty Journalism summer camp graduate and News Team journalist

“I really enjoyed working with such bright, motivated students. [ThreeSixty staff] did a great job of coordinating and keeping everyone on task, and at the end of both days, I felt like I had made an impact.”  – Erin Golden, reporter at Star Tribune and a volunteer at ThreeSixty.

“I’m eternally grateful for ThreeSixty and all the opportunities I have received because of it.” – Maya Shelton-Davies, ThreeSixty alumna and current University of St. Thomas student.

“I liked empowering these kids, and making them feel like they mattered.” – Whitney Oachs, University of St. Thomas student and a volunteer at ThreeSixty.

“I feel I have a lot of friends here. And I’ve become really used to coming here [to the University of St. Thomas campus], and it’s kind of like something for me to do. And it’s also because it makes me feel Iike I have a purpose … There are a lot of valuable skills (learned) here.” – Shay Radhakrishnan, ThreeSixty summer camp graduate and News Team journalist.