Radio Broadcast Camp


Radio Broadcast Camp was created in 2017 by ThreeSixty and MPR News, in memory of longtime MPR News employee and ThreeSixty champion Toni Randolph.

The sixth ThreeSixty Journalism/MPR News Radio Broadcast Camp took place in June 2022. Additional partners included MIGIZI, KRSM and American Indian Family Center. Over four days and under expert instruction from MPR Newsroom staff, students learned how radio is unique and built skills around writing and interviewing for radio. Students then embarked on their own radio adventure of interviewing, script writing and producing. This year’s was Indigenous narratives, and students conducted their interviews at Hoċokata Ti, a gathering space at the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community in Shakopee. Here are their stories.

2022 ThreeSixty Journalism/MPR News Radio Camp Stories

Profile: Ramona Kitto Stately

By Yasmin Abdurahman and Michael Rosas Ceronio

Profile: Binesikwe Means

By Franceska Palma and Kennedy Rance

Profile: Melissa Olson

By Dakota Austin and Anna Brodin

Profile: Emma Needham

By Wakan Austin and Abdihalim Mohamed

Profile: Reuben Kitto Stately

By Aisha Hersi and Sami Lebert

Profile: Jaida Grey Eagle

By Paul Malloy and Gwynnevere Vang


2020 and 2021 ThreeSixty Journalism/MPR News Radio Camp Stories

By Casey Hiller
Coach: Dan Kraker, MPR News

Profile of Juwaria Jama, Youth Climate Activist

By Emijah Redding
Coach: Euan Kerr, MPR News

Profile of Nelsie Yang, St. Paul City Council

By I-Am Tafari
Coach: Tim Nelson, MPR News

Profile of DJ Taylor, Minnesota United FC

By Jamari Jones
Coach: Riham Feshir, MPR News

Profile of Juice Lord, Hip-Hop Artist

By Kiin Aden
Coach: Evan Frost, MPR News

Profile of Jerome Treadwell, Teen Activist & Youth President St. Paul NAACP

By Maximus Jennings
Coach Rehman Tungekar, MPR News

Profile of Allie McIntosh, Singer and Songwriter

By Zane Hiller
Coach: Lindsay Guentzel, MPR News

Profile of Cole Stevens, Activist and Co-Founder of Bridgemakers

By Zaraia Fabunmi
Coach: Elizabeth Shockman, MPR News

Profile of Aaliyah Murray, MN Teen Activists Founder

By Dalaney Villebrun
Coach: Catharine Richert, MPR News

Profile of Reuben Stately, Hip-Hop Artist

By Jeremiah Churchill
Coach: Steph Curtis, MPR News

Profile of Sanya Pirani, Sanya’s Hope for Children Founder

By Jaydin Fairbanks
Coach: Emily Bright, MPR News

Profile of Yonci Jameson, KFAI “Mostly Jazz” Host

By Ava Hartwell
Coach: Tim Nelson, MPR News

Profile of Jose Perez, St. Paul Activist

By Joaquin Skinaway
Coach: Samara Freemark, MPR News

Profile of Xavier Goodman, Minneapolis Hip-Hop and Theatre Artist

By Isaac-Santino Garcia
Coach: Jay Gabler, MPR News

Profile of Annie Chen, Youth Climate Activist

By Freyja Armitage
Coach: Nina Moini, MPR News

Profile of Isabelle Wong, Teen Climate Activist

By Aleah Hill
Coach: Lindsay Guentzel, MPR News

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