That’s a Wrap on June Camps

College Essay Boot Camp 22
College Essay Boot Camp students at the end of their week at the University of St. Thomas College of Arts and Sciences.

ThreeSixty high school students have completed the first three camps of summer: College Essay Boot Camp, News Reporter Academy and Radio Broadcast Camp. All camps were supported by professionals who volunteered their time and talent to help students complete their projects for each camp.

All camps are held at the University of St. Thomas College of Arts and Sciences, where students experience college life and connect with higher education resources during their time on campus.

Here are summaries of the completed camps plus a preview of July 2022 camps.

College Essay Boot Camp

Twenty-six Twin Cities high school students attend College Essay Boot Camp the week of June 13. The camp was held in partnership with Girls Inc. Eureka!, which filled half the seats in camp. 

By the end of the week, students completed a college essay ready for submission, thanks to 19 volunteers who worked side-by-side as Writing Coaches and Editors. Select essays will appear in the Fall 2022 ThreeSixty Magazine and on the website in early fall.

News Reporter Academy

Fourteen young reporters attended a nine-day camp where they were immediately immersed into journalism. On day one, students were sent to interview a person on the street and engaged in several exercises throughout the week that involved talking to people at St. Thomas.

The exercises led up to a field trip Friday, June 17, to visit Midtown Global Market at lunch time. Students interviewed vendors, market-goers and other market employees, then took a picture to create a slideshow.

Additionally, students learned about legacy and community-based media in the Twin Cities, with presentations from the Star Tribune, WCCO, BLCK Press and Sahan Journal.

Academy week 2 group 22
ThreeSixty reporters are smiling wide after completing their first ThreeSixty stories at News Reporter Academy.

The second week was centered around producing reported stories, which were sourced by the Center for Prevention at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MN. Students interviewed community leaders who are dedicated to improving the mental and emotional health in communities of color.

Nineteen professional journalists and communicators helped students write their story, for many, their first professional byline. Stay tuned, these stories will be published in the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press on Labor Day weekend, and in the ThreeSixty magazine this fall.

Radio Broadcast Camp

Aisha Hersi Radio Camp 22
ThreeSixty reporter Aisha Hersi edits her audio story at Radio Broadcast Camp.

For the first time, Radio Camp was held at the University of St. Thomas campus. Twelve advanced reporters put together stories about Indigenous Narratives under guidance from partners  MPR NewsKRSM RadioAmerican Indian Family Center and MIGIZI.

The highlight for students was traveling to Hoçokata Ti at the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community to interview sources in the field. The final products were short documentaries students cut and edited on their own. You can listen to the final projects here.

Radio Camp group 22
Radio Camp students completed their projects on Indigenous narratives and shared them at a celebration premier.

All students who participated earned a $590 equity stipend upon completing camp.

Advanced Emerging Media Camps Ahead!

Next up, ThreeSixty advanced reporters are covering the Minnesota Lynx game on July 6 through a partnership with the Timberwolves and Lynx and Star Tribune.

On July 18, advanced students will return to campus for a new camp called PR & Advertising Camp. ThreeSixty students will create a campaign under the guidance of St. Thomas Emerging Media professors. Those campaigns will be presented at an agency in town.

Finally, summer wraps with TV Broadcast Camp, from July 25-29. Student reporters get first-hand exposure of behind the scenes of TV broadcast journalism. The award-winning camp in partnership with the Center for Prevention will continue exploring the theme of racism as a public health crisis, with a special focus on mental and emotional health in historically marginalized communities. Students will pair up with a reporter, photographer and editor to produce a story ready for air by the week’s end. And, all students will earn a $590 equity stipend at the week’s end.

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