Video Diary: Big Family, Close Corridors

ThreeSixty students participated in a special Virtual News Team to creatively cover how they are impacted by the pandemic. This piece is part of ThreeSIxty’s COVID-19 Collection.

There are 24 people in my family. That can seem overwhelming, but my family tree is simple: adults, children, infants and the elderly.

Love, hatred, jealousy and guilt are everyday emotions that many of us carry. But, during this difficult time in quarantine, I have valued the simplicity of love in my family. I will always remember to never take my family or anything for granted. I am gratified with joy and praise from my family every day. 

Being the eldest daughter of the family has taught me hardship, comfort and success. My strong passion and leadership is the vision for the future that all the children in my family will follow. My role model position in this family means my behavior and success in life carry extra importance and weight.

However, we are no ordinary family that wakes up, eats, accomplishes their responsibilities, eats again and goes back to sleep. In large Hmong families, women often carry the responsibility of the house; but in this new generation, my chaotic home requires the participation of everyone to help clean, cook and watch the children. 

I am forever thankful for all the memories I captured in this video. But, no quantity of photos can describe the love for my family and how meaningful they are to me. They are the foundation that I have built upon to become who I am. Without their guidance, I would not be where I am today. 

Thank you, Puj Puj (grandma), Yawm Yawm (grandpa), Uncle Jim, Mom, Dad, Aunty Mee, Uncle Jerry, Uncle Joe, Aunty Susan, Uncle Dennis, Aunty Nancy, Uncle Lucky, Aunty Mynhia, and my siblings and cousins. I love you!