Youth Voice: Emphasis on Self in Care

I thinkself-careis a very important topic whether it’s physically or mentally. Because if we don’t take care of ourselves, we can get pretty depressed and even harm our body.  

Let’s say you haven’t been eating well lately and have just been eating unhealthy foodevery day; this could affect your body. You would be short on nutrition, which can contribute to tiredness, ability to handle stress, and you may also develop some illnesses and some other health issues like obesity.  

Our mental health is another reason why it’s important to doself-care. If you’re not taking your mental health seriously it can cause symptoms throughout your body like insomnia.  

You could get depressed and start feeling like yourhopeless, that no one cares or loves you. You’ll start to distance yourself from your loved ones to the point where you find yourself being pulled into a dark world where you wished you were dead and start to have these ideas ofself-harmor the abuse of substances to ease your pain.  

This is doing nothing but harming yourself in the worst way possible. That is why taking the time to take care of yourself mentally and physically is important.Self-careis critical and should be a must for your mental and physical health. Our body and mind needselfcareand without it we couldn’t live.