Youth Voices: Inhale, Exhale

Selfcareis something we often overlook. It is also something we do in order to take care of emotional,mental, and physical health. By maintaining goodself-care, you can improve in so many things such as managing stress, anxiety and depression.Self-careis also a way to have good relationships with yourself and others around us. 

Self-caremeans something different to so many different people. I have my own methods. When it comes to my emotional health, I take deep breaths, drink water or my favorite Mountain Dew, and I also listen to my favorite music artist. It really does calm me down a lot. Some experts say taking deep breaths relaxes your nervous system and makes you calm. Breathing also helps you feel connected to your body. When I get emotional, I tend to overthink a lot and stress myself out, so deep breaths really help me a lot. It helps me with my anger problems, too. 

Mental health affects so many things. It can causehealth problems and mood swings. It could also affect your behavior and ways of thinking. I have some way to maintain a positive mindset. I always make sure I get enough sleep. Not getting enough sleep can weaken your immune system. You also have a high risk of getting deadly diseases. I also make sure I eat healthy. I’m not really great at this, but I try my best. 

Doing yoga or exercising can help a lot with your physical health. It helps your mind, heart and your blood circulation. It also lowers your chances of any diseases, and it keeps you in shape as well. When it comes to me, I do yoga, get enough sleep and eat healthy. All these things I have just listed help me as a person, butifeel like if anyone were to try them, they would most definitely help them as well.