Youth Voice: My Expression of Self-Care

Over the summer, ThreeSixty Journalism opened a call for youth to weigh in on recent events in the community. Students were asked to submit audio, visual, and written entries in response to a youth-inspired prompt. The latest #360YouthVoiceChallenge is open to all high school students through Nov. 15, 2020. This fall, the #360YouthVoiceChallenge comes with its own Youth Voice Workshop, wherein students can work on writing personal essays and editorials that they may submit to the #360YouthVoiceChallenge. 

Allison Brodin, junior at Mounds View High School

A picture of Allison Brodin's collage.

This image displays my version of self-care, in a sense. I am not able to attend any protests or work to make change in person, as I am not able to risk contracting COVID-19. This is because I see my grandparents often and wish to keep them safe. I take action from home through petitions, fundraisers, informing others and making this collage. These times as a whole cause me a lot of stress, and when I am stressed, I like to piece together images from magazines, college brochures that I receive and various other images I receive in the mail. I find it calming to cut out the images, place them and piece them together. In the wake of the protests and Black Lives Matter movement going on right now, I have started to put this calming method to good use. I began piecing together collages with beauty, uplifting words and a diverse array of people in the images. I wanted to try to show that people of color have a place in pieces of art, especially due to the underrepresentation of Black, Indigenous and people of color  in art. As of right now, I am slowly piecing together this collage on top of paper (so that the collages can be moved) that I have put on a wall in my room. Eventually, I will move these images somewhere that others will be able to see them. Until then I will keep the images on my wall as I continue to add to it.