A REAL Partnership for ThreeSixty

Summer nights at ThreeSixty just became more interactive for students.

ThreeSixty Journalism is excited to announce a new partnership with the University of St. Thomas’ Reaching Excellence in Academics and Leadership (REAL) Program that will enhance the two programs’ nightly activities and help students become more connected to each other and to the university.

Students from ThreeSixty and REAL Program – a five-week academic and co-curricular summer program for incoming UST first-year students who are members of groups that are traditionally underrepresented in higher education – plan to join together on campus for numerous evening activities during ThreeSixty’s two-week Residential Journalism Camp from July 12-23 at UST.

“We are thrilled to be able to connect our REAL Program students with the ThreeSixty Journalism participants this summer and we are excited to see them build connections with one another,” said Brad Pulles, the retention program director for Student Diversity & Inclusion Services, which coordinates the REAL Program. “We believe these diverse and motivated groups of students have a lot that they can learn from each other.”

REAL Program, which has served 280 students in its 17-year history, is designed to introduce students to campus life, resources and services, and expose students to a college-level course. As part of the program, 16 students take their first required theology course for free and live on campus.

“REAL is an example of how levaraging diversity and inclusion resources at St. Thomas is a priority for ThreeSixty,” said Chad Caruthers, Executive Director of ThreeSixty. “We want even more ThreeSixty students to attend UST as university students.”

ThreeSixty’s Residential Journalism Camp has an expanded capacity of 30 students this summer – which is double the total of last year’s camp – as does the Non-Residential Journalism Camp in June.