Fall Programs Empower Youth Voice

Click here for the fall 2020 Youth Voice Challenge page.

As we make our way into a new season at ThreeSixty Journalism, we remain acutely aware of the ongoing crises we face: the COVID-19 pandemic; police brutality; and systemic racism, to name a few. Perhaps now more than ever, it’s important that students have a space to process the events taking place around them.

We are happy to launch the latest #360YouthVoiceChallenge, and to newly introduce its associated Youth Voice Workshop. As part of the #360YouthVoiceChallenge, students may submit audio, video, visual, and written pieces in response to youth-inspired prompts. Through the Youth Voice Workshop, students have the opportunity to build their #360YouthVoice Challenge responses in ThreeSixty’s virtual newsroom. In this workshop series, media and communications professionals will teach students how to write an editorial or opinion story.

Please submit your entry to the #360YouthVoiceChallenge by Nov. 15 and register for the Youth Voice Workshop by Oct. 5.

Be sure to check out the summer #360YouthVoiceChallenge, which garnered some thoughtful entries:

Youth Voice Challenge Fall 2020
#360YouthVoiceChallenge, Fall 2020.