Learning Labs: Digital Media Arts

Erianna Jiles at Learning Lab
ThreeSixty alumna Erianna Jiles challenges students to find their voice and get creative with story pitches.

Ten students joined ThreeSixty for Learning Labs experience Saturday, Feb. 29, at the University of St. Thomas College of Arts and Sciences.

The day started off with ThreeSixty alumna Erianna Jiles, who shared her journey of finding her voice through blogging, working in radio and even creating vlogs (video logs).

Jiles randomly assigned students story ideas and gave them half an hour to pitch the story, encouraging them to think of non-traditional and innovative ways of conveying their message.

After lunch, students were joined by local animator and videomaker John Akre. He talked about the process of creating a stop-motion animation, from brainstorming ideas to taking centimeter-by-centimeter pictures. Then, it was the students’ turn.

ThreeSixty Learning Labs students 2020
ThreeSixty Learning Lab students share a laugh over their creative stop-motion animation.

As they worked in two groups, they came up with creative story ideas and worked together to create the shapes and figures they would use in their animation.

They patiently went through the tedious picture-taking process, came up with ideas and solutions on the spot, and shared many, many laughs.

Check out their animations (with sound effects)! Next week, we’re taking a look at the art of strategic communications.