Learning Labs: Strategic Communication

ThreeSixty Speaker Sheree Curry
ThreeSixty students pose with Learning Lab leader Sheree Curry.

ThreeSixty’s Strategic Communication Learning Lab offered 11 students a timely opportunity – prepare crisis communication plans for the coronavirus.

The Learning Lab, held Saturday, March 7, was the second in a three-Saturday series at the University of St. Thomas College of Arts and Sciences.

The morning session was led by Jocelyn Parker, the director of communications and PR at Minnesota Council of Health Plans. Parker discussed what strategic communications means and taught how to make a communications plan.

Students were then divided into four groups and had to create a response plan to coronavirus from the organizations they represented: an airline, hospital, hand sanitizer retailer and convention center.

In the afternoon, Sheree Curry, the public communications and relations manager at Travel Leaders Group, led a session on travel marketing, writing and advertising. Students worked in teams to develop travel campaigns around the globe.

Then, they created a crisis communications plan for travelers related to coronavirus.

Students left thinking about how journalism skills translate into strategic communication and are excited to return for the next Learning Lab, which will focus on data journalism.

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