Day One: Me in Media

Day One: Me in Media

Monday, July 8, kicked off ThreeSixty Journalism’s News Reporter Academy at the University of St. Thomas College of Arts and Sciences. The theme for Day 1 was Me in Media.

Students had an introduction to journalism taught by Program Manager Theresa Malloy, embarked on a campus tour, then participated in an Absent Narratives activity with Minnesota Humanities Center Facilitator Rose McGee. The day ended with a lesson with Dr. Wendy Wyatt, a media ethics professor at St. Thomas and the associate vice provost for undergraduate studies.

Here are student reflections from the day:

Jacqueline Martinez, Harding High School

Jacqueline MartinezHarding High School

My first day of journalism academy has been exciting with lots of speakers in one day.  One of the messages that have been strengthened throughout this first day is that voice is power because of the interest I’ve seen in so many people today, classmates and teachers alike. As a class we were taught about the bias in the bias conference, which also included learning about the absent narratives and how my voice, and many others, matter. In the ethics lesson, I learned the mindset a journalist has to have in order to do stories. The ME in media to me represents how you are in charge of what you want to tell an audience, be it nations or small communities. Media is the biggest source where people get their information to form opinions, and there’s always a choice to be the one to put a story into place, or to decide it rather be left alone.  There is a great lesson to take in the introduction to new subject matter and to follow up with people.

I was surprised about the Code of Ethics that was provided in the program. The code of conduct really helped me as someone interested in journalism to get a sense of what is at stake when someone decides to publish, speak about, and/or advocate for a story. I’ve learned that as a journalist there is a responsibility to be driven to serve the public and have their best interest in mind.

Emil Liden

Emil Liden – Minnetonka High School

In February, my mother let me know of the opportunity to attend a two-week camp at the University of St. Thomas called “ThreeSixty Journalism News Reporter Academy.”

The day has arrived for me to immerse myself in a new world of learning. Today I had my first day of camp and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. From learning new things to meeting new people, this day has been filled with amazing experiences. The first session held at the News Reporter Academy highlighted the basics of journalism and addressed the importance of “ME in Media.”

I began to understand the power of my own voice and the responsibilities that come along with that power in this first session. My voice is a tool that shapes the why I put my ides into the world. Then, I learned of the power of storytelling from a woman named Rose McGee who works at the Minnesota Humanities Center. Ms. McGee shared the history of storytelling and how it can affect people and their views on society. My own experiences shape they way I tell my stories and how I respond to other people’s stories.

Finally, I learned about the Code of Ethics in journalism from St. Thomas Professor of Media Ethics Wendy Wyatt. A lot of times what may be legal may not be ethical but what may be ethical may not always be legal. The motivation, though, for a journalist should be to present the truth in a way that is not harmful but rather informational. I have truly enjoyed this first day of News Reporter Academy and cannot wait to learn more tomorrow!

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