May 2016 Magazine

ThreeSixty May 2016 Magazine cover

TYUS JONES – The Timberwolves rookie and MN native talks life as a teenager in the NBA, Flip Saunders and more. Page 10

January 2016 Magazine

ThreeSixty January 2016 Magazine cover

NEKIMA LEVY-POUNDS – The Minneapolis NAACP president and activist talks Jamar Clark, racial tension and more. Page 16

September 2015 Magazine

ThreeSixty September 2015 Magazine cover

@16 WITH BYRON BUXTON – The Minnesota Twins rookie talks high school stardom, pressure and life after the MLB. Page 18

June 2015 Magazine

ThreeSixty June 2015 Magazine cover

@16 WITH R.T. RYBAK – The former mayor of Minneapolis talks life out of office and the achievement gap. Page 10

January 2015 Magazine

ThreeSixty January 2015 Magazine cover

@16 WITH THADDEUS YOUNG – The Minnesota newcomer sees a bright future on the horizon for the young Timberwolves. Page 10