College Essay: Words to Uncover the Hidden

The colors seemed to pop off the page and illuminate the playroom I was sitting in. Compared to the brown carpet I sat on and the faded blue walls that surrounded me, these colors were superior. But the best color in this book wasn’t the yellows or the greens that colored the pictures, it was the black that beautifully displayed each word for my eyes to devour hungrily. Each one meant something completely different from the rest, making them unique and priceless. As this book showed me how the world was built on words, it awoke a passion that had lain dormant in me, and I realized just how much words influence our lives.

Helen Anton, Girls Inc., Eureka!
Helen Anton, Girls Inc., Eureka!

When I was 15 years old, my parents got a divorce and I was beside myself in not only confusion but also misery. I was, at the time, reading a book about an assassin who, despite all the anguish and turmoil she endured, remained an incredibly strong, brave and smart woman. This showed me that despite the things that happen in your life, you can either choose to crumble and fall or you can rise above the hardships and use them to make you stronger. Having this ray of hope in what seemed like an incredibly dark world helped me not only overcome the hardships but also not feel so alone. I want to be able to give this amazing gift to others and show them that there’s a solution to every problem, no matter the circumstances.

In seventh grade, I read a book about how the government reacts when all of the children in the entire country suddenly get supernatural abilities, like reading minds or moving things around without touching them. At the time I didn’t think of it as anything but a nightmarish story that I hoped would never become a reality, but recently I reread it and realized that it parallels our world. We now can use our cellphones to reach millions of people in a matter of seconds. In a way, this is like having a superpower. In the book, the government takes away the freedom of the children so, they don’t abuse the power they’ve obtained. I could see our government doing the same thing with our freedom of speech. To prevent this, we need to take action before it’s too late. I want to bring attention to hidden issues through my writing. It’s important for people to know that although a problem may seem small at first, it could quickly become a major complication in the future.

In order to help me share what I’ve learned from books, I need to learn how to better communicate my ideas and point of view through my writing. I can imagine my words making the world just as vibrant and colorful for others as it has become for me.