Gabie Yang

Gabie Yang, a sophomore at Forest Lake Area High School, is a 2013 graduate of ThreeSixty’s Intro to Journalism Camp. She contributed her first piece to ThreeSixty as part of a group story on the “friend zone” and how teen relationships between friends can be tricky to navigate. Hometown: Forest Lake Favorite author: Rick Riordan Favorite Musician(s): One Direction, Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber Favorite Movie(s): Pitch Perfect, The Hunger Games, The Avengers Favorite places/things to do in the Twin Cities: Mall of America If you could interview anyone (living) who would it be? A famous author or celebrity What do you like about writing? Being creative and expressing myself to others because I tend to think of story ideas at random times (like in the middle of class). And just being able to put my thoughts out on paper for other people to read. What issues are important to you? Something that has to do with the state laws, like same sex marriage, tax prices, etc. What is your ideal future career? I’d like to be able to write my own books for others to read, like the way I read my favorite author(s) book. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Europe (places like London, England, Ireland, Paris, France, etc.) because I hear that it’s really nice there. It would be nice to see new people and a new culture. That kind of stuff just interests me. As for London, One Direction sometimes stops by there! What are your special talents? I play the violin really well. I’ve played for almost four years now. I’m really sly and quick (like in gym when we played dodgeball). And at times, I can be flexible. What do you do when you’re not at school? I usually work on my books or try to think of story ideas. I catch up on reading with books on my Kindle Fire. I go on social media, sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Wattpad are my personal favorites. I also find new, popular songs to play on my violin. What else do you think people should know about you? I’m really shy and quiet when I first meet you. But when I’m comfortable enough around you, I can be really weird. It’s better for people to come up to me first. It takes awhile for me to make new friends. And overall, I’m a quiet person, but I’m fun to be around!

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