Blazing a trail to college

College Possible coaches, alum and current students gather for an event at Augsburg College to share advice

When I attended my first College Possible session in the eleventh grade, I had no idea what to expect for the forthcoming year. ACT prep and college info sessions twice-a-week for two hours, honestly, sounded terrible.

I always liked to challenge myself as a student, have taken AP and honors classes, and was an athlete the majority of the year. It was hard to see myself committing to a two-hour session two days a week while my peers were at home, going about their college readiness plan however they pleased. I never resented them because of this. I was merely jealous that they had options to explore, that they could learn about colleges or the ACT however they wanted, in their own time.

College Possible coaches, alum and current students gather for an event at Augsburg College to share advice

But then I had to remind myself why I applied to this program: To gain knowledge about ACT strategy and the college application process. Knowledge that I needed. Both of my parents never went to a post-secondary institution after high school. Ultimately, I would be a trailblazer in my family.

Now that I’m a senior, I look back and realize that there’s no way I would’ve gotten through the ACT or fall college application season without the support and encouragement of my other CP peers—and especially my College Possible coach, Kelley Redmond. I have made awesome memories with all of them and appreciate all of their support.

So far this year, I have applied to St. Cloud State, Minnesota State University Moorhead, University of Hartford, DePaul University, Columbia College in Chicago and Loyola University. I have received acceptance letters from St. Cloud State and Columbia College already, and ultimately, my dream would be to study in Chicago and pursue a major in film.

College Possible has provided me with a wide variety of skills that go far beyond ACT strategy and filling out applications. I’ve learned how to talk professionally on the phone, properly write e-mails and construct a resume. I’ve developed a greater appreciation for the attributes that pay off in life, such as hard work and determination.

I already know that these skills will benefit me for the rest of my life.