Fall Workshop Emphasizes Youth Voice

This fall, ThreeSixty Journalism continued to provide virtual programming for engaged and aspiring high school journalists through the Virtual Youth Voice Workshop.

Over the course of five Saturdays, 15 high school students from across the metro area learned how to write opinions articles and op-eds with the help of 22 volunteers from organizations like the Star Tribune, WCCO, and the Pioneer Press. Evan Odegard, a junior from Nova Classical Academy, had his story published in the Star Tribune. Check it out here!

They also received instruction from former journalist and long-time ThreeSixty volunteer Terry Wolkerstorfer, as well as Patricia Lopez, who is part of the Star Tribune’s editorial board.

Virtual Youth Voice Workshop
ThreeSixty students participate in the Virtual Youth Voice Workshop.

Students were inspired by ThreeSixty’s #360YouthVoiceChallenge, which asks students to consider such topics as self-care and community building. They shared some of the highlights of the session:

  • “My favorite part of the workshop was being able to work with a professional journalist to write a piece I’m proud of.” (Faaya Adem, FAIR Downtown)
  • “Definitely one-on-one interaction I got with others, like the students and coaches.” (Maneeya Leung, Eden Prairie High School)
  • “My favorite part was that I was able to experience a new form of writing I have never done before, and I was able to honestly express how I feel about my topic which isn’t something I always get to do.” (Olivia Sorenson, Concordia Academy)

Stories will be published in ThreeSixty’s magazine, as well as online. Additionally, students were encouraged to submit their articles to other publications.

Keep an eye out for these stories.