ThreeSixty Wins Big at MNA Awards

A total of six ThreeSixty Journalism students – both current and alumni – received awards for their work during the 2015-16 Minnesota Newspaper Association College Better Newspaper Contest banquet on Jan. 26 in Bloomington.

ThreeSixty Journalism also won the General Excellence category, bringing the program’s award total to seven, which matches the totals from each of the last two years. This year, ThreeSixty earned four first-place finishes, two second-place awards and one third-place honor.

Aidan Berg and Marissa Abarra holding ThreeSixty's 2017 MNA Awards.
ThreeSixty student Aidan Berg, a senior at Minneapolis Southwest High School, and ThreeSixty alum Marissa Abara, a St. Thomas freshman, with ThreeSixty’s 2017 MNA Awards.

Annrose Jerry, a ThreeSixty graduate and freshman at Notre Dame, took home first place in the Business Story category for “Making their mark on the business world: Young Minnesota entrepreneurs turn visions into reality.” Melisa Robles-Olivar, a senior at Minneapolis Southwest High School, earned first place in the Columnist–4 year category for “Why I joined a high school walkout.” Shay Radhakrishnan, a ThreeSixty graduate and freshman at North Dakota State University, took the top spot in the Editorial category for “The (lack of) youth vote: Young people need to take part in their civic duty.”

ThreeSixty won the General Excellence category for recent issues of ThreeSixty Magazine.

Aidan Berg, a senior at Minneapolis Southwest High School, earned second place in the Sports Story category for “Tackling concussions: Safety measures in football have been taken in recent years, but some call for sport’s removal from schools.” Marissa Abara, a ThreeSixty graduate and a freshman at the University of St. Thomas, took home second place in the Columnist 4 year category for “Race and political correctness.” Sebastian Alfonzo, a senior at St. Paul Central High School, earned third place in the Social Issues category for “‘They need to listen to the youth’: Young people help NOC on front lines in fight for racial and economic justice.”