ThreeSixty, Center for Prevention Team for TV Camp

This summer, ThreeSixty Journalism will offer advanced ThreeSixty students a video broadcast camp in collaboration with the Center for Prevention at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota (Blue Cross).

Over five days and under expert instruction from the project’s media partner, WCCO-TV, students will learn the ins and outs of script writing, on-camera interviewing and creating short “live shots.” The theme for the stories will focus on health equity, a resonating topic for the current world we live in, Blue Cross’ community health work, and one that impacts ThreeSixty students, alum and their communities. ThreeSixty, Blue Cross and WCCO-TV will share the video broadcast campers’ stories via their digital channels, with Blue Cross also seeking greater coverage through other earned media.

“This TV broadcast camp is exactly what our advanced students have been asking for,” said Bao Vang, ThreeSixty engagement coordinator and staff leader of the camp. “They are eager to take their skills to the next level and learn new and more visual storytelling techniques.”

The partnership was proposed by Blue Cross as a way to bring credibility and energy to health equity messages.

“With any type of storytelling, but with broadcast in particular, the messenger can often be just as important as the message,” said Anika Ward, director of the Center for Prevention. “ThreeSixty Journalism works with students representing diverse cultures and communities across Minnesota, and many of their communities are the very ones that experience the greatest health inequities. It is our hope that the students we work with, and the audiences they reach, will become more aware of Minnesota’s inequities and then inspired to make a difference.”

The TV broadcast camp takes place July 17-21 at St. Thomas and field locations in the Twin Cities.